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Horror-Themed Mechanics

Sink your teeth into Innistrad: Midnight Hunt’s gothic themes with horror-inspired mechanics.

Daybound/Nightbound: Werewolves look just like any other human during the day, but as the moon rises, you’ll see them transform.

Cards with the Daybound/Nightbound mechanic are double-sided cards with one side that surfaces in the Day and another side that takes over at Night.

Whether it’s Day or Night depends on how many spells a player has cast on their turn—cast none, and it becomes Night next turn. Cast at least two, and next turn the sun will rise on a new Day.

Coven: Gather your coven to battle the darkness together—the “coven” keyword grants benefits for controlling three or more creatures with different powers at the start of combat on your turn.

Disturb: With their home in such danger, even Innistrad’s dead can’t rest. Double-sided creature cards with “disturb” can be cast from your graveyard for their disturb cost—returning to the battlefield transformed into Spirits.

Decayed: Summon waves of decayed zombies that fall apart in battle—a creature with “decayed” cannot block and, when it attacks, must be sacrificed at the end of Combat.

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Product: Bundle

Extension: Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

Game: Magic the Gathering

Language: Englisch